GMW – Positivity

Being Positive!

Being positive is not always easy… I would know! I am currently struggling with being positive myself! It’s impossible to be positive and happy all the time as in life things do go wrong or not according to plan!


How to be more positive? Some tips that may help…

  • After a difficult situation take time out, to yourself and recharge!

Everyone is entitled to time to them self to relax, unwind, think about life and themselves, this time could be used to put your life into perspective, see how you want to change yourself (If you want to change) and then put plans into action. Once plans have been set you will instantly feel better about yourself and won’t be able to wait to start! Just keep going and don’t give up!

  • Avoid negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones

Every situation no matter how grim it may look at the moment has both a negative and a positive side… Instead of dwelling on the negative thoughts think how this could benefit you maybe in the long run

  • Do something positive, something that makes you happy

This could be anything from taking a walk in nature, seeing your friends, listening to your favourite tunes, exercising or doing something creative! Don’t just sit indoors, doing nothing stuck in your own negative thoughts

  • Optimistic quotes

I find this very useful, having a quote that is optimistic, makes you smile and relates to you. Having this as a screensaver or a picture in your purse so when ever you see it it gives you a positive feeling… I have a few of these and I cycle them round!


  • Set yourself goals

Keep yourself busy, try to improve yourself whether it is a fitness goal or a life dream type of goal and then go out and achieve it! I am doing this I aim to be able to run 5K in 6 weeks as seen from my post yesterday (Time for change)

Along with goals you mast not be afraid of failure… If you do fail it’s not the end of the world it could be a lesson well learnt, new experienced gained and an adventure none the less so enjoy it!


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Any advice, tips or stories feel free to comment!

GMW – Time for Change!

I have had a rough few weeks and I know I am not alone for this! I am now ready to begin stop sulking alway and doing nothing with myself!

Time for change!


I have decided the aspect of my life to change is my fitness! I’m not overweight in fact I am far from but I get out of breath just running for the train or going up 2 flights of stairs which is ridiculous! I am setting myself some goals and I want to share them with people…

In 6 weeks I aim to be able to run 5K once I can do this I will look to 10K and take I part in a charity fun run next spring… I will aim to raise money for the mind charity that helps people suffering with mental health!


Here is my 6 week plan (taken from runners world! I have changed the days to suit me too) feel free to use it! New to winning check out my beginner running tips!

Week 1
Monday Run 1 min, Walk 1 min, repeat 10 times
Wednesday Run 2 min, Walk 4 min, repeat 5 times
Friday Run 2 min, Walk 4 min, repeat 5 times

Week 2
Monday Run 3 min, Walk 3 min, repeat 3 times
Wednesday Run 3 min, Walk 3 min, repeat 4 times
Friday Run 5 min, Walk 3 min, repeat 3 times

Week 3
Monday Run 7 min, Walk 2 min, repeat 3 times
Wednesday Run 8 min, Walk 2 min, repeat 3 times
Friday Run 10 min, Walk 2 min, repeat twice then run 5 mins

Week 4
Monday Run 8 min, 2 Walk min, repeat 3 times
Wednesday Run 10 min, Walk 2 min, repeat twice then run 5 mins
Friday Run 8 min, Walk 2 min, repeat 3 times

Week 5
Monday Run 9 min, Walk 1 min, repeat 3 times
Wednesday Run 12 min, Walk 2 min, repeat twice then run 5 mins
Friday Run 8 min, Walk 2 min, repeat 3 times

Week 6
Monday Run 15 min, Walk 1 min, repeat twice
Wednesday Run 8 min, Walk 2 min, repeat 3 times
Friday Run 5K and then celebrate!


To keep an eye on my progress check out my couch to 5k page (coming real soon!) which I aim to update after each workout!

If you join me in this challenge do comment, let me know how you are getting on, tips and advice to would be great!

GMW – Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage in the UK


As you can see from the very poor quality photo from the government website the minimum wage as of October 2014 is going to rise! This is great news unfortunately anybody out there will know that £6.50 per hour and working full time is still not enough to afford a home, rent, bills and food etc… How do I know this? I am on more than £6.50 per hour and full time and still cannot afford any of this!

I read in the paper that there is talk of raising the minimum wage to £8 per hour in the future (which is my current wage) I think this is a little too late. In comparison to the cost of living and inflation even £8.50 is not enough to live on. To be able to afford a home, bills and all needed things you will more likely need to be on £9.00-£10.00 per hour minimum and then this will only get you a studio or a one bedroom flat if your lucky! This excluding the amount you will have to save previously for a deposit etc…


Here our some very rough figures for you guys:

£6.50 x 35hours (1 week) x 4 (1 month) x 12 (1 year) = an annual pay of £10,920

The same calculation on £8 per hour = £13,440 per year!

This is not the end of it! MP’s in parliaments annual wage is roughly £67,060 give or take according to the internet, on top of this they get an 11% pay rise! Even worse than that they were/are demanding a 32% pay rise (which would give them up to £20,000 more, which again is more than the minimum wage!) Pay Rises 2014

this is blooming outrageous! Only possibly raising the minimum wage to £8 per hour (£13,440 annually) in comparison to their £67,060 per year wages excluding pay rises and demands of pay rises… It shows just how much our government care!

Any thoughts on this? I’d love to hear them!

GMW – Inspiration


What is inspiration?

To be honest with you I couldn’t answer this with out gluing the word inspired which defeats the object of explaining what inspiration is… So I cheated! I looked at Google! According to them “Inspiration is being mentally stimulated  to do or feel something. This often has to do with something creative, but not always”


So… Why am I talking about inspiration?

Now this question I can answer without looking at Google!

Just lately I have been feeling, lost, confused, alone, fairly depressed and a little bit hopeless  for a number of reasons. I have been needing a little help with finding inspiration, motivation and reasons to smile in the world.

I am almost positive I am not alone out there, I am not the only one struggling with feelings and emotions etc… I just wanted to share some pictures, quotes and thoughts that have helped me get through the tough times so far and hope they may help you… If you find any thing inspirational or awe-inspiring do comment as I needed it and so do others out there!

Whilst I was in Italy on the back of a motorbike going 70mph, a once in a life time trip for me I took this picture…. The beauty of it really does inspire me, makes me smile and gives me a dash of hope!

image“I look up to the hills, Where does my help come from? My help comes from The Lord, maker of heaven and earth”

(Psalms 123 v 1-3)

This picture always reminds me, no matter how big my problems are or feel to me, there are bigger and greater things in this world!

Here are a few inspirational or thought provoking quotes:


“Spending today complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any better”


“Life is like riding a bike. To keep your balance, you must KEEP MOVING”


What inspires me?

I am inspired by nature, seeing Gods creation in all of its beauty. Whether it is the sea crashing on the rocks, leaves rustling in the wind, flowers opening for the first time or even rain falling on a sunny day! It all makes me smile, feel good, forget about my worries, problems and thoughts. The world can be such a peaceful place if you look!

Looking at nature I am always reminded, God is there!

What inspires you? How do you cope when you are feeling blue? Do comment and share!

GMW – Dealing with Pressure


At some points in our lives we ALL have been put under pressure of one form or another… It could be peer pressure as seen in schools e.g. To go to the cool party where you know there will be alcohol or peer pressure to smoke and join in with the crowed.


Other pressures could be everyday pressures at work, uni, college, school etc… To meet deadlines and complete work loads which can cause stress in individuals.

I personal have had both kinds of pressure recently and it is not easy and I have been struggling to cope. One of the pressures was a complete personality change, build in confidence to talk to people, yes I need to be able to do it but the pressure of improving in a month was too much for me and it caused our relationship to fall apart so I then have had to deal with that. On top of this pressure I have had work putting pressure on me to do tasks, some of which are completely new to me and are of high importance but I seem to be copping better with this at the moment!

How to deal with pressure…

  • Say “NO'”

Saying “NO” can be very difficult especially when dealing with peers, you may not want to say no for the fear of being bulled or seeming a whimp on the flip side if you were to say “YES” it could put you life at danger, health in danger or you may not want to depending on what it is.

Saying “NO” to your boss can also be difficult as you know they are higher up than you so if they give you a task you feel you have to say “YES” but you don’t have too if you have a busy task load say to your manager and they usually can help find a solution that suits you both!

  • Ask for help

You have failed to say “NO” and now your stuck with a task you are absolutely struggling with… There is no shame in asking for help, guidance and advice from higher ups,work team or friends.


  • Time Management

To help relive pressure and stress in the work place having a plan can be very important it means you know what to focus on when and by focusing you can achieve all of your tasks/activities meaning there is less stress or pressure.

  • Share workloads

If need be, share your workload with another member of staff, if need be delegate and then ensure all work is complete on time this makes the pressure slightly less as you have a team and support


  • Take breaks

Don’t work too hard… Take a break, have a cuppa and refuel this way you are ready to face your next challenges.

  • Relax

At the end of a tough day don’t go home and dwell on it all! Go home and relax… Have a bit of you time. Have a bath with bubbles, your favourite music playing in the background, go for a run or do some yoga, walk the dog, sit down and watch a film… Unwind!


GMW – Being Adventurous

Being Adventurous


What is meant by being adventurous?

Mainly people would assume being adventurous would mean doing something dare devil, dangerous, out of the ordinary things like…

  • Rock climbing
  • Ab sailing
  • Kite surfing
  • Hand gliding
  • Sky diving
  • River rafting
  • Etc… The list can go on!


I would absolutely love to do some of this stuff but I for one do not have anyone to do it with, I cannot afford to do it and I will be so nervous about doing it from the first moment I book up to do it and then I will feel scared about doing it and may even wuss out…

I have recently been asked by someone who I really care about “What have you done recently that has been adventurous?” At first this question really hurt me and made me feel useless as I haven’t done anything exciting or out of the ordinary…

The more I think about it though I have… Being adventurous doesn’t always mean to be life threatening or dangerous… But something out of character, different and exciting to you…

The more  thought of it I realised I have done something, lots of things adventurous to me, exciting to me… I am facing a fear by going to counselling, I am attending an evening college course of my own back and my choice, I am travelling daily to work (trains are a huge thing for me), I am taking a new role on at work which is both exciting and nervous, I ride horses, I am beginning date/meeting new people, I am learning to swim (in the future this can lead to more exciting activities)

(I have also recently been on a motorbike tour from the UK all the way to Italy and back! 2 week adventure there… And yes sit did have it’s ups and downs too…)

So really overall I am doing quite a lot which to some people may find dull and boring but this is my little adventure, one day I even hope to travel, not necessary the world but the country I live in… There is so much here I can discover and do and I shouldn’t let this question bother me… It’s my life…


Ways to be more adventurous:

  • Try something new

This could be anything from speaking to a stranger, taking the longer route home, go to a different pub or restaurant, learn a new skill…

  • Make a bucket list

This could be a list of stuff you want to do before you die or before you reach a certain age! Once you have created this list try and complete it! This list could be pretty ordinary like move out, buy a new car or it could be extreme like go sky diving in Egypt, do a world cruise etc…

  • Conquer a fear

You know you have a fear of spiders, strangers, telephones or anything… Go out there and get over that fear! Not only would you feel better in your self but this in fact is an adventure in it self!

  • Do something completely out of the ordinary

Do something you wouldn’t normally do… Sign up for a class in something completely different and new just to give it ago, you never know what you will enjoy if you don’t go out there and do it!

Don’t do any of this just because someone has told you to or has put pressure on you, do it for! It’s your life to enjoy so go out and have fun with it… “GMW – Just Do It” I know many may disagree with me but


Any tips on how to be ADVENTUROUS? Comment below!

GMW – More Benefits for Healthy Eating

 More Benefits for Healthy Eating?

I am very sorry in advance but I am going to have a rant today about an article I read in the paper… See newspaper clip below…


Single mother in receipt of £20,000 a year wants more for healthier food… I think this is outrageous! I work full time and earn less than that, yes I don’t have a child to care for but if you can afford to spend £300 a month on take away food you do not need more benefits! That’s a choice that you have made! Everyone likes a take away from time to time but if your concerned about your weight and money you won’t do it every weekend let alone £300 a month on take aways! At the end of the article her dietitian even says “She could afford to eat healthily with a few simple changes to her diet!”

What about exercise? Going for a walk, run, swim? These are fab and free ways to lose weight, get fit and stay healthy! No gym or gym membership needed! “GMW – Time to get your running shoes on”


I know for a fact you can feed a family of 5 fairly decent food and spend £120 a week… That £480 a month that’s 2 adults, 2 teenagers and 1 baby! That’s for 5 people… How many people is this person feeding? Cut out the take always and ready meal and buy some proper food…

I will agree eating healthily can cost more but not dramatically more! There are many money saving tips available out there to ensure you have the money needed to eat healthily! Check out “The Cost of Living – How to squeeze more from your pound

Here’s an idea if you don’t have a garden get an allotment £35-£50 a year and grow your own fruit and veg… Seeds are so inexpensive not only that being unemployed and a single mum it is something the whole family can get involved in…


You can but some fab fruit and veg at the market at fantastic discount prices and it tastes great, many supermarket has affordable healthy food too… I remember the other week I got 2 pineapples for 99p at the market… Bargain!

When I read this article I just see someone who wants more from the government and I doubt the money will be used for healthier food!

I will state now obviously this is not the full story and £20,000 is not enough to live on but from what I read I am not impressed.!

Any opinions on this?